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Rainbows Hidden In the Sun’s Rays!



Hello my fellow photography loving friends!  Did you know that if you’re lucky, when you are taking sun captures of the sun’s trajectories, you can also capture a rainbow within the sun’s rays?  I love rainbows! Something about them makes me feel so happy and makes me smile for miles!  The rainbow colors seen in a sun’s rays when timed just right are fabulous to view!  So today I thought I’d share with my growing group of followers some lovely captures of the sun with the rainbow visible within its rays!  If you have any rainbow sun ray captures you would like to share with our growing community please send them to rainbowsofhappiness2013@gmail.com.   Remember only authentic original captures please!  You will be featured on my author’s page if your photograph is chosen and you always retain the rights to your photograph.  It’s a win-win for you!! Enjoy a few of my many rainbow sun ray captures!!




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