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Final Sun Week Captures!

Happy day after Thanksgiving to all my photography lovers!  I am culminating sun week with many various angles of the sun, and captures showing rainbows within the trajectories.  These are some awe inspiring photographs of the sun I feel! I’ve enjoyed sharing some of the many sun captures I’ve photographed with my followers! I will be away for a week on vacation, and will return with some amazing photographs I’m sure! So please don’t think I’ve forgotten my photography followers! I’ll be on a cruise so I’m unplugging from my blogs for the week.  In the meantime, start looking for photographs to send in of nature (think anything from bugs, to birds, dogs, deer, insects etc) to send me. This will be the week’s topic when I return Dec 9th! Remember to send your photos to rainbowsofhappiness2013@gmail.com in an attachment to your email & your picture might be chosen to appear on my blog.  You will get credit for your photographs in my Authors Corner.  Any photography questions can be emailed to this same account.  Have a wonderful week!




20131124_135955-1 20131124_103313









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