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Nature Week Commences!

As promised before leaving for vacation, I said to start collecting your nature captures to begin a week of discussing the best way to photograph moving insects, and animals.  The problem most people encounter when trying to capture an animal or insect in its natural surroundings is that their desired target doesn’t always stay still.  The movement creates a blurred result when attempting to capture that perfect shot.  One solution to this conundrum is to set your camera to multiple shot mode instead of single shot mode to ensure you catch a moving target clearly avoiding blurred photographs due to motion from your target.  Below are some photos of animals or insects captured while in motion using this technique.  Remember if you have photographs of nature that includes animals or insects, please email them to rainbowsofhappiness2013@gmail.com to be featured in my Authors Corner and you retain ownership of your photographs!


A hawk soaring overhead.


Curly tailed lizard.


Black hawk soaring.


Dragonfly flying through the sun’s rainbow rays.


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