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Sky Beauty Photography Week!

Hello my faithful followers and lovers of photography! I hope you had a fabulous holiday! After a little hiatus its time to get back on track! I now am owner/moderator of photography community Magnificent Moments Captured Through Film on Google+ so if you have a Google + account stop by and request to join our community of professional and amateur photographers sharing their passion for photography and brilliant captures.  As for this blog I would like to exhibit some magnificent sky beauty this week or so. Sky beauty captures entail gorgeous colors produced from rising or setting sun, intriguing cloud formations, images of objects with the sky as its natural backdrop, or anything you notice in the sky that you feel is photograph worthy! Photography can be of the sky during any point of the day or night, so start looking to the sky for inspiration! The sky creates such marvelous colors so please share any sky captures you find beautiful or unique with this blog by sending them in attachments to rainbowsofhappiness2013@gmail.com.  I will also be including some photography from followers this week so my Author’s Corner can start filling up! Enjoy! 🙂






















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