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Sky Splendor & Snow Covered Stillness


Clear blue sky creating a perfect natural backdrop against a field of white and a blazing sun exhibiting multiple trajectories tinged with rainbow colors. Natural is magnificent!



Hello and Happy 2014 to all!  I hope your new year is starting off splendidly.  Thanks to Mother Nature’s gift of snow these past few days I managed to catch some beautiful photography of a blanketed world of silent beauty.  Lately the sky has been offering me many magnificent captures so I wanted to share these with my photography loving friends! Please be sure to send any photography captures of original nature in an attachment to rainbowsofhappiness2013@gmail.com so I can do a post with several photographs from followers only and you get a mention in my Authors Corner, while retaining all rights to the photographs. Exposure and retaining ownership! You can’t beat that! Much success, good health and happiness to you all in 2014!


Sunrise emitting rays and vibrant beginning of a rainbow in unison with a cloud carpeted sky displaying hints of blue. Pure joy to witness!!



The clouds highlighted with pink stretched expensively over the treetops at sunset. Hints of oranges lavenders, yellows, and light blues are incorporated throughout in the trees and clouds. Breathtaking nature!



Taken seconds after the previous capture, the pinks in the cloud expansion have turned red in shade, the lavendar has deepened to blue, more yellow is incorporated from the sunsetting, and the forest shades make it appear as if on fire!

This capture was sent in by member Tarak Ghosh depicting the blue sky consumed with fluffy white clouds, to enhance the singular object in this capture! Excellent capture Tarak and thank you!




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